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i am imperfectly perfect.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

@Ayer in the City, birthday Blog.

The world english dictionary defines AYER as the Sir Alfred Jules an English positivist philosopher, notedparticularly for his antimetaphysical
work Language, Truth,and Logic.

The Ayer that I know... is defined by our strong friendship.

Thru USC Makati, I was drawn closer to finding friends that are really treasures of a lifetime- Aaron Ray E. Mopera, is one of those gems I have.
AR is an optimistic person. Born with his "marketing" tongue, he can make, a dark and lonely me, to a bright and bubbly-ready-to-face-the-world-with-a-BANG! He is indeed a true friend.

He's boisterous laugh, can ease the burden of friends, officemates and colleagues.
Talented and with good service leadership, he can stand out among a crowd.

Celebrating his 22nd birthday is nevertheless, an event to be jolly and party...with the good laugh and sumptuous food by Ayer.(Yeah, he cooks so well).
Creamy chicken pasta ham and cheese roll

Ayer's presence had always made F&F kids and super young at heart. We play around. Throw jokes and just be happy chatting.

Here's for you Ayer.
Happy birthday. Late blog. But for you, I will.
I sincerely wish that turning 22 years old will make you a mature yet playful person.
I know, the power of your will and determination will let you achieve what your heart desires.
You have always fulfilled my dad's words, "Bantayan mo ang dalaga ko"
Thank you.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tweener to Twentyner, Verge.

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

You have no choice, current age plus one. :)))
But you have the choice to make that a fruitful and memorable one.

All grown up, Happy birthday Vergil Lloyd U. Chua!
You are blessed because you are a good person inside and out. :)
Say goodbye to your teeny-bopper days, YOU ARE 20 years old already.

This is just 20 of the many things why we (your friends) are hooked by our good relationship.
1. You are diligent. Smart enough to know what is right and wrong.
2. God-fearing. Realizing that God gave you a wonderful life.
3. An achiever. Skill is better than luck.
4. A demanding yet loving son.
5. A thoughtful brother.
6. A responsible student.
7. A talented young lad.
8. An open-minded citizen.
9. A dependable leader.
10. A huggable and jolly friend.
11. A sweet bestfriend.
12 A trustworthy companion
13. An honest lover.
14. Fresh and Good-looking.
15. with a pure heart and unique personality.
16. A peacemaker.
17. Firm and Good decision maker.
18. Flirt yet genuine young man.
19. Keen and vain.
20. Humble you.

Not just 20, there's more undeniable qualities that you posses.(Aside from your body clock. when the clock strikes at what time??? You're asleep)haha
And as you grow older, you become a better you and maybe collect hundreds of postive and negative characteristics. (Everyone is imperfect)

All the desires of your heart will surely be yours in God's time. Stay cool.
I, together with 20, 000 or 200 or 20 of your friends, truly love you.